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Aquafan, Oltremare and many other parks. Fun is waiting for you in the Emilia-Romagna region

Riccione is also famous for hosting two of the large theme parks situated along the Adriatic CoastAquafan and Oltremare which will be capable of entertaining children while teaching them many new things.

Aquafan the most famous water park in Europe

Stay at the Hotel Ambassador and you will have the possibility to discover Aquafan in Riccione, one of the most famous and most appreciated water parks in Europe.


This ride was inaugurated in 1991 by the great Alberto Tomba; even today it is still one of the most appreciated rides. You race down one of the two 90m long chutes at a speed of 65 km/h, a thrill that must be experienced!

Extreme River

As its name specifies, this is a ride for those who love extreme sensations. This is the water chute down which one can race at a higher speed of 70 km/h.


Try the magic funnel: a special system of intersected tubes and funnels to whizz through at a high speed and then you finally dive into the swimming pool; it is impossible to resist.


Fear reigns supreme with StrizzaCOOL: the great ride that has been popular in Aquafan since summer 2010; here, 4 people at a time make their descent on board a rubber dinghy. The path gives you the possibility to choose between a 150m more adrenalin-fuelled descent and Tobogas, a 250m ride with a less steep curved slope creating a rafting-like effect

Oltremare teaching through enjoyment

Oltremare is perfect for family holidays in Riccione because it offers the ideal day trip destination. Here, children enjoy themselves so much and they also learn so many new things. Water Here you will be able to admire the Laguna dei Delfini (Dolphin Lagoon) with a gallery capable of holding 2,500 people; Pianeta Mare (the Sea Planet), where you learn everything about the Mediterranean and its inhabitants as well as Hippocampus, the seahorse aquarium. Air At the Mulino del Gufo (the Owl Mill) you will be able to meet the diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey and you will be able to watch flight and hunting demonstrations; at the “Pappagalli della Foresta” (Parrots of the Forest) you will be able to admire rare and multi-coloured examples of these species. Earth Travel across Darwin’s Forest in order to learn about ancient geological eras and their inhabitants, such as the dinosaurs. Instead, at the “Fattoria degli animali” (Animal Farm) children will be able to directly experience the farmland environment and on the “Delta del Po” (Po Delta) path they will encounter the typical flora and fauna that can be found in this ecosystem. Fire On Pianeta Terra (Planet Earth) you will find a 4-room long visual journey that will lead you to discover all the stages that have characterised the birth and the development of our planet.
Adventure Island is a large children’s playground, The Isola che non c’era (Never, Never Land) is a 30 minute-musical on the history of Peter Pan and Captain Hook; Storie di Sabbia (Sand Stories) is the expression of Gabriella Compagnone’s talent, who shapes sand in order to tell stories and arouse constantly new sensations.

Oltremare and Aquafan are only an 8-minute drive away from the Hotel Ambassador. Our hotel has made a special agreement with the other amusement parks in the Emilia-Romagna region (Italia in Miniatura, Acquario di Cattolica (Cattolica Aquarium), Mirabilandia, etc.): yet another reason to choose us for your next holiday on the Adriatic Coast.

Mirabilandia is done in 3

Now even more reasons to visit the Riviera amusement park

  • Free child up to 10 years of age, valid from 2 April to 30 June.
  • Pizza time menu, promo validity 1 July – 31 July (promo 2X1).
  • Beach Integration valid from 13 June to 31 July (admission for € 9.50 valid for two persons)